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Smarty Box - Chemistry

Pop Rockets - Harness the power of chemistry

​Volcano - Learn about experimentation

CO2 Balloons - Watch the interaction of liquids and gases

​Build a Battery - Discover anodes, cathodes and ions

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Smarty Box - Vision Science

Benham's Disks - Unearth the mystery of color perception

​Thaumatrope- Explore persistence of vision

Zoetrope - Build an animation viewer and create a movie

Phantasmascope- Try the very first motion picture device

Smarty Box - Physics

Newtonian Racers- Explore the three Laws of Motion

Catapult- Experiment with velocity and trajectory

Paper Airplanes - Discover the science of flight

Circuitry - Build a circuit and an electromagnet

Banooper is dedicated to the idea that everyone should “Bring Science Home”. Science is not just for the lab, or the school, it’s something we use everyday, everywhere and it's fun!

Banooper puts the learning and exploration of science in a box, and makes it easy for you.
With the Smarty Box, you can mix and match from any of our 12 experiments for children to explore together at parties, playdates, or whenever the mood strikes.

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