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Phantasmascope - Coming Summer 2016

$10.00 per kit

Smarty Box - Physics Kits

Invented over 100 years ago, these black and white disks, when spun like a top, fool your eyes into perceiving color. Learn about the Fechner color effect, Rod Cells and Cone Cells while exploring this illusion that still baffles scientists today. Kids get to try our designs, then make their own. Each kit comes with 6 double sided Benham Disks, spinning posts and a marker. The backsides of each disk serve as blanks for children to create a pattern all their own.

Benham's Disks -Ready to ship!

$6.00 per kit

This is a very simple, and very cool, device to explore the concept of Persistence of Vision, an important aspect of animation. When spun, two images combine into one, kids get to draw their own images, and turn them into Thaumatropes. Each kit comes with 6 Thaumatropes, 3 pre-printed, 1 guided drawing and 2 blanks for kids to do their own thing. 

Smarty Box - Chemistry Kits

Circuits and Magnetism -Ready to ship!

$10.00 per kit

How do batteries work? Find out by replicating the work of Allesandro Volta, the inventor of the battery, and build a your very own Voltaic Pile. Learn about anodes, cathodes, and ions while lighting up an LED. Each kit comes with a non-conducting post, disks, electrolyte powder, an LED and connecting leads.

Build a Battery -Ready to ship!

$10.00 per kit

This is the classic pre-motion-picture animation device. Insert an animation strip, spin the Zoetrope, and watch through the slots. Our straightforward design makes it easy for kids to build their own Zoetrope.  Kids get to watch our animations, work with guided drawings, then draw their own animation and watch it come to life. Each kit comes with a pencil, marker and 3 pre-printed animations, 1 guided drawing and plenty of blanks to work with.

Catapult -Ready to ship!

$8.00 per kit

You'll never guess what happens when you mix Baking Soda, Citric Acid and Balloons. Ok, you can probably guess that pretty easily, but it's still fun!  Each kit comes with a reaction vessel, 6 balloons, and the gear to make it all work. Get gassy, and learn about ions, acids, bases and how they combine to release Carbon Dioxide.

Smarty Box - Vision Science Kits

Newtonian Racers -Ready to ship!

$6.00 per kit

Yes, the baking soda volcano, darling of science fairs across the globe, learn about the experimental process and how to control a chemical reaction. No paper mache here, we have developed a collapsable, reusable, reversible, waterproof cone, and styled it after a real volcano, Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania. Each kit comes with a cone, reaction vessel, tinted bubble mix, catch tray, and enough reactants for multiple runs.

Zoetrope - Coming Summer 2016

$9.00 per kit

Volcano - Ready to ship!

$10.00 per kit

Harness the awesome power of chemistry to launch these little rockets over 20 feet into the air. Each kit comes with a pop rocket, launch tube, safety goggles (a must for every participant, young and old) and enough powdered propellant for 10 or more runs. Kids can adjust the propellant mix and observe the results. It should go without saying, this is an outdoor experiment, unless you like to put dents in your ceiling. 

If you have younger kids, we have a simplified version to offer that uses propellant tablets instead of loose powders.  Request the "novice" version of the of the experiment and we'll replace the powdered propellant with tablets that are easier for youngsters to use. Feel free to mix and match standard and novice kits if you are buying more than one.

Thaumatrope - Coming Summer 2016

$7.00 per kit

Release your inner Medieval Warrior and fire away while learning about trajectory, velocity and parabolic motion! Our exclusive design is easy to assemble and won't accidentally knock out a window. The kit comes with a catapult base, 2 launch arms, ammunition and handy targets for bombardment.

The earliest incarnation of the moving picture is the Phantasmascope. Kids get to see pre-printed animations, and work with a set of guided drawings before creating their own mini-movie. Each kit comes with a pencil, marker and 6 double sided disks, containing 3 pre-printed animations, 1 guided drawing and plenty of blank disks to explore with. 

CO2 Balloons - Ready to ship!

$8.00 per kit

Pop Rockets - Ready to ship!

$9.00 per kit

Who doesn't love paper airplanes? Explore the science of flight, learn about wing shape, angle of attack and Newton's 3rd law...with a twist. Thanks to our Banooper exclusive launch hook, and elastic powered launcher, you can fire these planes over 40mph! You're going to want some space for this experiment.

Our Standard kit comes with four different plane designs, and crayons to decorate them before flight. If you have younger kids, we recommend the "First Timer" version.  This version is easier for little ones to fold. You'll get four copies of a single plane design; with one that is color-coded for kids to learn with. Feel free to mix and match Standard and First Timer kits if you are buying more than one set.

Put Newton's Three Laws of Motion to the test with these high quality pneumatic powered racers. Pit your racer against your friends', or conduct time trials. We've found these work best on a smooth level surface like a table or hardwood floor. Each kit comes with one car, 2 emergency backup balloons and rubber weights to explore mass vs. acceleration.

Explore the work of Thomas Edison and William Sturgeon in this advanced 2 part experiment. First create a circuit, light up a bulb, and test the conductivity of different materials. Then, build and power up a switchable electromagnet. Each kit comes with a battery, switch, bulb, electromagnet post and wire, and materials to test for conductivity and magnetic properties.

Paper Airplanes -Ready to ship!

$8.00 per kit